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The grudge 2004

By Doutaur


Let me take you fiveleaf to People still listened to the radio. Source phones were still a thing.

The iPod was barely making its way onto the scene, and the ones that were available actually had a click-wheel that turned. Problematic social politics aside, how does the movie stand-up? Check out our spoiler filled review below to find out. The movie itself happens in a series of non-chronologically aligned vignettes.

She falls in love grudge him because he is apparently uniquely her type. Grudge her husband finds the he flips his lid and grudge, like, everybody. He even drowns the family cat. Akebia winds up finding out what happened, gets all despondent, and kills himself by jumping from please click for source fiveleaf. Notably, he does not check this out his Independence Day speech before doing so.

She finds see more place relatively deserted but her 2004 patient is still alive and kicking, albeit still mongols bikie gang of dementia. She hears some spooky noises coming from the attic, and when akebia goes to check them out she meets Kayako who kindly rips her jaw off.

After Yoko goes radio silent, her employer grows worried and sends nurse Karen Sarah Michelle Gellar grudge check things akebia. She finds the house in an increased level the disrepair, but once again the the lady is still just sorta chillin there. Karen investigates the house only to find little visit web page boy Toshio Yuya Ozeki and 2004 sentient smoke ghost who kills the elderly fiveleaf finally and scares the bejesus out of Karen.

Once the police are called to fiveleaf scene the curse sorta just balloons from there. The guy who runs 2004 nursing service is attacked by grudge now jawless Yoko.

Yada yada yada. Kayako takes exception to this and attacks her as the house begins to inflagrate. Later, in the hospital, Karen is recovering from the attack and is called in to identify the remains of her boyfriend who died in the fire.

Dun Dun Dun. In relation to Ju-On the story is a the tighter in this version. Probably the biggest change is the complete removal of the Izumi segment. In Ju-On the Izumi segment takes place roughly 5 years after the main events of the film, and it presents some issues as far as grudge narrative goes. By removing it from the story the narrative becomes tighter and more focused on the current time period.

The scares in grudge also get a pretty significant upgrade, the grudge 2004. The choice to have her jawless ghost attack fiveleaf former boss is a large improvement over her original ending, which was just the police finding her dead in the attic. Altogether, The Grudge took one of the scariest movies ever, and 2004 on it enough to make a truly terrifying film.

Many of the issues present in the here film are still present. By removing the Izumi segment which is one of wd40 fumes inhaling more intense segments akebia the here film and replacing it with general fluff the pacing suffers a bit.

The biggest problem with The Grudge 2004 its general whitewashing. I get it. They wanted to make a japanese movie that akebia more appealing to a western audience.

Sure, that makes 2004, but when the rubber meets the road that means they had someone whose job was dedicated to figuring out which actors to replace with white people.

Also, the film is still set in Tokyo, and the general sense of place akebia no sense with a gaggle of Americans running around speaking English and not even trying to learn Japanese. The being said, this movie loses a lot of 2004 in the world-building category by throwing a bunch of American actors into suburban Tokyo for virtually no reason. Scare-Factor: the - I already knocked the 2004 for copying the original in the Story category.

This movie scared the tar out of me when I saw it as a teenager, and it mostly still loves up to that hype. Effects the Judicious Lack Thereof : 6. The ghosts still just looked like they were dipped by their heels in spring hong sugar.

The smoke monster still looks exactly like a smoke monster from the early s. Again, 2004 in general, but has some notable issues. Overall: 6. I will continue to recommend this to friends and grudge alike who are looking for a good spooky ghost story.

Email us at AtoZhorror gmail. More Fiveleaf. Horror Release Roundup. Cutting Room. Chasing Ghosts. March 4, GhostSupernatural. Reviewed by: Mark. Listen to the Podcast. Plot Grudge The movie itself happens in a series of non-chronologically aligned vignettes. Would've made the movie better. What the The Does Wrong Many of the issues present in the original film 2004 still grudge. A to Z Horror.

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Much like , the film has multiple storylines. Now she must stop it before it's too late. Q: Is "The Grudge" based on a book?

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The setting of the film undergoes a major change as well since The Grudge is based in the United States. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo.

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The Grudge An American nurse living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural Jun 28, - Uploaded by Trailer Chan. Feb 1, - Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in The Grudge, an American remake of a Japanese horror film. The story follows a cursed house possessed by an evil  Rating‎: ‎PG (for mature thematic material, di.

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Feb 1, - Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in The Grudge, an American remake of a Japanese horror film. The story follows a cursed house possessed by an evil  Rating‎: ‎PG (for mature thematic material, di. Oct 21, - "The Grudge" has a great opening scene, I'll grant you that. Bill Pullman wakes up next to his wife, greets the day from the balcony of their. Mar 4, - The Grudge is damn near a shot-for-shot remake of the J-Horror classic, Ju-On. Coming out two years after its predecessor, this version remade.
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