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By Niramar


Seiko has an extremely long association with railways and their watches are still seen in common daily use today. In the early 20th century railways in Japan rail used foreign made watches from Waltham, Elgin, Zenith and Omega for general time svbr001 operations by staff. Seiko this time Seiko was rapidly developing watches with improved accuracy to seiko level that would be suitable for use on the railways. In April Seiko released the Monitormate 19, a 16s Just click for source exact font changed a little across different models moving forward but almost always remained in the same style.

This was the first time that a Japanese domestic watch prostation been adopted by the ministry. In a Seikosha Railway Watch with specially knurled case design was released. This is the one model monitormate employed a very different font for the dial design. The Type 19 movement proved very successful and was adopted not only by Japan railroads but also extensively by telephone operators and also the military.

It was produced with only minor changes from all the way through to November The oil reservoirs and jewel design give some indication of the age for various examples. From to these reservoirs were simple concave designs but these were changed to a more complex design.

This was changed again to a traditional jewelled design just before the war. The jewels initially had a golden surround, but in around changed to svbr001 and then the surrounds completely disappeared in much later models. For examples made throughout and just after the war, the movements were more simply produced with just a basic level of svbr001, for example the edges of the plates were not beveled.

It is proposed that the reduction in finishing was due svbr001 the shortage of skilled technical workers prostation that period as well as time and material constraints. Normally the number of jewels are marked on the outer edge of the bridge. Later, seiko the war seiko, the jewel number engraving was removed completely. In models produced a few seiko after the war this returned and eventually was positioned below the Seiko logo above the seiko wheel jewel.

In continuous production of the Type 19 resumed with the introduction of the 91RW and this continued until November I have the following example a from towards the end of the production run in March On the dial you will notice the marking Second Setting Diaflex, this refers to a couple of features.

When the crown is seiko the second hand on the sub-dial will continue monitormate and then stop at the 60 monitormate mark. This hacking functionality was first introduced in and makes it easy to railway workers to easily sync the watch to clocks including those just displaying hours and minutes.

In late the 61RW production began and the model was released in early This was a 21 svbr001 movement based on the 61 series calibre. This model was produced until late and has a standard hacking function with the central seconds hand stopping immediately when the crown is pulled. I have a 61RW from In addition to railroad employees these watches were also available for click at this page general public to purchase.

This example is engraved and was presented in June to commemorate an anniversary of Midori-kai. Midori-kai is a joint venture company that was formed in as part of the Sanwa Group keiretsu to provide a common HR, insurance and business support platform to the group. Prices for the production prostation quartz models were significantly dropping and this was important for a railway watch. Railways have svbr001 of employees so any watch that is to be issued to staff must be cost effective in addition to robust for continual daily use.

The other problem faced was the ability of a quartz movement to move the large hands that seiko a requirement of the railway design. Early quartz models used very small, thin, light hands due to the monitormate required to move them and the impact that this had on battery life. In July Seiko released the 38RW the first quartz railway watch. This was a significant upgrade in accuracy to the mechanical movements prostation being used.

This monitormate the first quartz svbr001 watch that was produced in limited numbers to prove the suitability of quartz for the purpose. This model was sold to the general public and also likely to some smaller private railways, it was not adopted svbr001 the Japanese National Railways JNR. While not as accurate as the 38RW it is more than adequate for the intended railway usage. Around the same time in July Seiko also released the 63RW with the caliber movement.

This was produced in both 21 jewel monitormate 17 jewel versions and was produced for customers who required a cost effective mechanical railway watch while the 75RW was undergoing approval. Falling woman dial code for the 17J version svbr001 while the 21J dial code is This watch has the standard hacking function where the second hand is stopped as soon as the crown is pulled.

The text at the bottom of the dial reads, Tokyo Express. The watch has a svbr001 silver case and the back shows it is from the historical collection and the serial number indicating the model had a production of units.

The watch has a porcelain dial that is extremely smooth and has the lustre that you expect from a porcelain dial.

Each of the hands seiko blued but they look chicken delicious under most lighting conditions. I think that this is the only watch that the 8L34 movement was used in and the supplied manual specifically states it is from the Historical Collection instead of a generic manual for the movement.

Monitormate design had a silver sc2 spectre dial seiko markings replicating the original model. Seiko was a limited edition of units. The watch was supplied with a special display box and had a marking on the case back.

The watch has a stainless steel case with gold colored plating and is paired with a purple lanyard. The hour and minute hands are blued while the seconds hand remains black. The white dial was marked with the numerals using the same font that was used on the original prostation. The watch came with a svbr001 box that housed a watch prostation that could be used as a desktop stand.

As you can see the general design for the pocket monitormate has not changed much over the years and this continues http://sadmuroufa.tk/the/mrs-roper-caftan.php today.

Below is a general timeline of the development of the Seiko Railway watches. In Japan these model watches can still be seen in everyday use in railways throughout the country. On my visits to Japan I have seen many of these models being used. Here are a few examples of these watches in action. Case Back. S Marked Crown. Inside Case Back. Second Setting Hacking. Seiko News July. Prostation News March. Tokyu 75th 7CB. Tokyu 75th Case Back.

SCVR 8L Display Box. Box Outer. Box Inner. Desk Stand. Seiko Railway Models. SBVR - 7C21 SVBR - 7C21 Railway Models in Action In Seiko these model watches can still be seen in everyday use in railways throughout the country.

Yamanote Line Cabin. JR Drivers Dashboard. Odakyu Romance Car Cabin. Conductor at Shimo-Suwa Station. Released Seikosha Railway Watch with knurled edge case Model with 24 hour prostation on dial released.

Seikosha marking changed to Seiko Diaflex marking for unbreakable mainspring material Second Settings Diaflex marking for models prostation hacking function and svbr001 material.


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Buy SEIKO SVBR Quartz Pocket Watch in Hong Kong,Hong Kong. Brandnew with box. Never used with protective and tag still in place. 全新有盒未用過。. purchase: unused Seiko SEIKO SVBR Cal 7C21 quartz railway clock pocket watch. Seiko has had a long association with Railways in Japan that began in In the SVBR (7CA22) model was released and this.
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