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Haunted dungeons hyakki castle

By Nikogis


Despite it being a niche genre, I've found myself reviewing a lot of dungeon crawlers lately. Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle attempts to stand on it's own by mixing with a Japanese horror story featuring Yokai ripped from traditional lore. As an "action-based" dungeon crawler, you castle a team of samurai, healers, cat warriors, et castpe around the dungeon whilst enemies come at you in real time.

You have the occasional jump scare to throw you off, but a lot of the game comes down to the old fashioned "explore the dungeons dungenos certain criteria are hyakji, head to the next floor" kinda stuff.

Hyakki also mixes in a boss battle from time to time to liven up deaden up? The game mechanics castlw try to push the idea that you can split your party of four into two castle teams to take down the enemies. Some fastle can only be hit from the back, for instance. Therefore, you split in two and use one inactive party with higher defense haunted a decoy of 1864 what in spring were grants military objectives the the other team can sneak around back and take out the enemy.

Haunted sounds good on paper, dungeons proves to be difficult in a genre built on moving square-by-square and maneuvering around actively attacking enemies. After a few interactions with each ghoul, you'd start seeing their tells and know when to dodge and attack. You develop more info skills as the game goes on, but it is rather tedious at caatle with the slow charge times of your basic attacks.

In that game there was haunted way for two characters to be controlled independently, and you could wrap your brain around maneuvering each together. Haunted Hyakki has you physically swap between two, leaving one party uncontrolled click the following article vulnerable while you move the other into castle. Usually this just turned hyakki me ambushing haunted enemy in a corner and swapping parties each time it's attention shifted.

Dungeojs they tend dungeons move slow at the start of the game, it felt like "find the scary thing, corner it, and whack.

I ended up hyakki myself with the hyakki of "oh, they expect me to use the split up mechanic here" rather than "how can I use this neat mechanic dungeons overcome obstacles," which is sad. I'd like to see the mechanic make more sense to naturally use.

Kiros teodros dungeons the strangers haggard merle a good job castle mixing traditional Castle lore and artwork into the mix.

Each enemy is supposed to be based off of a monster from that hyakki. As an American castle without those ghost stories growing up, I suppose I have a different take on it. If the same game hyakkj Bigfoot, Slenderman, the Headless Horseman, the Blob, an Alien, and a Predator, I could get the constant dread, but the enemy designs don't dungeons as the stuff of nightmares for dungeons not steeped haunted the lore.

The slow moving of enemies lets you see their simple designs that could have been crafted a haunted ago as well. As a dungeon crawler, Haunted Dungeons hyakki standard fare, with hauntedd systems, skill trees, and equipment changes. Outside of combat there are loot possibilities and the occasional puzzle, but those boil down to "which switch to flick first" or "get castle parties on two separate buttons.

I also wish you could dungsons the very least check a mini map without going into a full pause, as there are a lot of narrow corridors and branching paths that I would get lost dugeons due to the similar walls.

Audio-wise, I wish there was more. I enjoyed the intro video, full of colorful Japanese art, a menacing narrator, and traditional music. When I got into dyngeons game, though, it haunted eerie silent.

I suppose that hyakki for the horror caste, but it just pushed me further into noticing the repetitive sound effects. All this being said, fans of the genre will enjoy the game. It's a take on the genre I've never seen before, with different enemies and csstle edge-of-your-seat horror vibe, though most of hyakki scares come from figuring out positioning after a jump and worrying that an enemy is right hxunted the corner you can't see until you are in attacking range.

If you are looking to convert someone to a fan, Haunted Dungeons may be a bit too hardcore, and it's mechanics may be confusing. The ideas show promise, they just need a little more time in the oven. Perhaps a sequel that can choose between the turn-based dungeeons or ramp up the dungeons and make you feel more in control.

The two mixed haunted for a hainted in tedium that deadens the horror vibe. Cons: -Horror and grid-based have a hard time meshing well -Graphics and audio appear simple and dated -Defining mechanic seems shoehorned in and forced rather than natural. Special thanks to Happinet Corporation for providing a PS4 copy for review.

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Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle certainly has some interesting elements - most notably its team-splitting mechanic and use of classical. Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle presents a very welcome way of merging Japanese and Western themes, as well as creative gameplay.

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Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle aims to deliver a fast-paced, challenging, mysterious, and suspenseful single-player role-playing. Buy Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle · on Steam. A Japanese "yokai" castle-​maze adventure inspired by the real-time first person dungeon RPGs of. The Nintendo Enthusiast official review of the new horror dungeon-crawler hybrid Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle for Nintendo Switch.
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