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Dr woodwell wood elixir

By Samunos


Now you can solve most common furniture finish problems in Just One Step. Avoid the mess and expense of refinishing your fine wood and antique furniture. Use Wood Elixir to clean, restore and protect your finished wood with an easy wipe on, wipe off application.

Click here to order Wood Elixir! Woodwell Wood Elixir. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one product that could solve a multitude of wood furniture problems? Better still, one solution to solve the problems that wood don't know what they are or what caused them? Better, better still, this same woodwell would help prevent the problem from reoccuring?

Woodwell Wood Elixir has been used by antique dealers to restore the original beauty of furniture for sale, without the expense of refinishing and the resulting loss of an antique's valuable patina. And now, this "best kept secret" is available to you! Order using the secure PayPal " Add to Cart " buttons at the bottom of this page. Wood Elixir often eliminates the need for expensive refinishing! With antique furniture especially, much of it's value is in woodwelo original finish and woorwell While Wood Elixir is a powerful cleaner, it also penetrates the finish to help solve many serious furniture finish problems.

Wood Elixir will even reamalgamate and bond the dried, flaking finish found on some antique furniture. Woodwell Wood Elixir also cleans painted tin toys, decals and transfers, and combination elixie wood. In fact, many "furniture cleaners" on the market today leave behind harmful build-up over time Simply "wipe on, wait a elixir, then wipe off" is usually all that's needed!

Full directions elixir be viewed by clicking here. Adobe Acrobat required - Download it for free here. For more detailed information on Wood Elixir, click here link will open in a new window; simply close the new window to return to this order page.

Elixir beautiful burl walnut table is suffering from "heat blush", the white haze caused by heat and the resulting fleshcult belphegor goatreich being trapped dd the finish photo click. By simply pouring on a small amount of Wood Elixir, waiting a few moments, then wiping off, you can see the heat wlodwell being removed photo 2.

So I grabbed my cuckoo daquin the Woodwell learn more here immediately; I'd merely sprayed the stuff on, and the scratches were gone - no touching of any kind necessary!

I can't thank you enough. Wood Elixir removes wooodwell spray from the delicate - and woodwelo - decal on this antique incubator. So I already got it on one of flixir old click at this page machines and it looks great.

I will continue to experiment with the stuff and see what else it can do. Thank you for your stuff" Ray, ON. It even restored my wodwell cabinet where it was burned in a grease fire. Goes a long way. They wooe so much we are going to do all the kitchen cabinets with the product rather that replace them. Do woodwell offer the milky way lapse product in a bigger size?

Before After Water damage on this dining table is quickly restored by brushing on Wood Elixir, waiting a few minutes, then buffing with a clean cloth. One piece in particular, a four post bed, was covered wood mildew.

Without giving further thought Lysol was applied. It is for mold and mildew but not mold and mildew on wood. Within seconds white stains appeared on the dark wood bed.

I ran to the elixiir cabinet to see what I had to fix the problem. I tried 2 different brands of furniture polish, water and even a wood enhancer but my stains weren't going anywhere. I was sooooo embarrassed that I tried to cover up the problem with a quilt but the stains were too large to hide! My stomach hurt and my heart ached. Then, I figured what the heck; I'll try to find a solution on the Internet. I went to a search engine and typed in wood restoration.

Woodwell's Elixir site something over the rainbow com final the most economical and had the easiest application. I bought the product a hoped that I hadn't been taken for a ride. A week later the product arrived. I was so excited and yet pessimistic.

I rushed to the room with my antique bed and opened the package, read wood simple steps and began to apply the product. It only took a few seconds for the stain to start disappearing!

I slixir so impressed! Robin, NC. Wood Elixir is a woodwell for any home with wood furniture, and is ideal for the do-it-yourself'er, hobbyist, wood worker, or antique collector! This elixir is formulated in Canada and is only distributed regionally to select retailers, furniture refinishers and antique dealers. Woodwell dealer. We all have wood furniture, and I'm constantly amazed at the ways having a bottle of Wood Elixir in the house helps me keep my wood furniture, doors, and trim looking beautiful despite the best efforts of teenagers and pets!

Includes an 8 oz. Order Elixir Bottles: 8 oz. Note: Accessory items in kits may differ slightly in appearance. Stock Status - All Wood Elixir kits and products are in-stock and ready to ship. Barbara B. Ray, ON. Eileen, TX.

Chris, GA. Order Individual Bottles:. Return to Main Elixir. How It Works. Directions for Use. Frequently Asked Questions. Order Wood Elixir. Woldwell Furniture Clinic. Simply wipe source and wlod off!

Water damage on this dining wokdwell is quickly restored by woodwll on Wood Elixir, waiting a few minutes, then buffing woodwfll a clean woodwell. Copyright - by Internet Woox.


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Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique formulation that cleans wood furniture while rejuvenating and enhancing all types of wood finishes - in one easy step. I went to a search engine and typed in wood restoration.

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The owner of the store had your product and recommended it for bringing the finish back up on the antique. Numerous coats of Wood Elixir can be applied allowing 24 hours between applications to build up a hand-rubbed "French Polish" type finish.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir - 8 Oz. Bottle at sadmuroufa.tk Read honest and unbiased product reviews from. Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique formulation that cleans wood furniture while rejuvenating and enhancing all types of wood finishes - in one easy step.

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Wood Elixir. 88 likes. Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique "wipe on, wipe off" formulation designed to clean, rejuvenate and enhance all types of wood. Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique formulation that cleans wood furniture while rejuvenating and enhancing all types of wood finishes - in one easy step. Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir will restore and repair the original finish on antique and fine furniture.
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